Qualitative Research

The value of Qualitative research aims to gain consumers’ perceptions, insights and their rationale towards a particular topic from the interactive discussions with target consumers.

Qualitative Research Methods

  • ▲Focus Group Discussion, Minis/Triads
  • ▲On-line Focus Group Discussion
  • ▲Online Blogging
  • ▲In-depth Interview
  • ▲Opinion formers – creative brainstorming
  • ▲Ethnographic

Focus Group Discussions bring a range of unique advantages to address specific research objectives:

  • ▲Recruit respondents and groups are conducted by a senior and experienced moderator for dynamic and interactive group discussions. Approximately 2 hours in duration.
  • ▲A time rich environment to address all objectives in detail and understand consumers’ behaviors and their rationale behind. Respondents are encouraged to involve the use of projective techniques to break down response barriers, etc.
  • ▲Moderator will skillfully lead respondents to express their perceptions and viewpoints with their own understandings and language.
  • ▲In-group projective and enabling techniques will be deployed to minimize “group think” and barriers, deconstruct consumers’ responses and uncover their deeper insights.
  • ▲Sufficient time set aside for informal debrief; between groups to leverage on increased learning for subsequent groups.

Our senior moderators have extensive experiences across different age groups of target consumers using a wide range of projective techniques to help consumers better share their deepest feelings and perceptions.

Specialized Qualitative Research Project Types

  • ▲Advertising Pre-test
  • ▲Advertising Post-test
  • ▲Brand Positioning
  • ▲Concept Test
  • ▲Exploratory/U&A Studies
  • ▲New Product Development
  • ▲Product Positioning
  • ▲Product Test