Mindsights is a professional and trustworthy market research agency offering premium quality market research, analysis and consulting services. We aim to provide practical recommendations to help clients better manage their brand assets and optimize the returns on the marketing investments for better profits.

Mindsights offers a full and comprehensive range of qualitative and quantitative services to meet clients’ needs during their different marketing phases. The reasons why we are confident as being your best strategic research partner to help you invent the future are as follows:

Our Senior Research Team

Mindsights’ key strength and unique selling point (USP) lie in our senior research team which is the best in the industry. Our well recognized research consultants all have more than 10~15 years experience in market research/marketing field. Our senior research consultants are fully involved in projects, from the proposal writing, project design, project execution, reporting and up to presentation to ensure smooth executions, premium project quality and deliverables. Mindsights’ senior team approach shows our commitment to the highest quality standards and premium client service to every important project.

Offers Strategic Recommendations

Mindsights’ senior research team has solid and diverse experiences and expertise. Apart from market research, our consultants also encompass other specialized marketing fields, such as brand management, consumer insights, strategy planning and so on. As a result, we are able to be more familiar with how marketing actually works on the clients’ side and their deeper needs and expectations towards market research.

During the project set-up stage, we start from a broader marketing perspective instead of single viewpoints from market research, and contribute valuable inputs based on our extensive experiences from various industries. When providing the deliverables, we share industry trends and consumer insights that we have been observing along with our marketing strategy planning to provide clients with more actionable recommendations to optimize the true value of market research.

Given the different marketing specialties and valuable expertise of our senior research team, our market research can deliver more added values in terms of providing a more actionable marketing strategy instead of mere data collections from the market and consumers.

Cross-Strait Expertise

Apart from placing a principal focus in the Taiwan local market, we have also gained valuable project experiences from different industries in Mainland China. Our research consultants have extensive qualitative experiences in Mainland China and can share the similarities and differences across the strait for clients to better guide the marketing strategy development.

We have our proven project team with reputable expertise, and can assist to conduct qualitative studies across the strait for better efficiency given the single contact window based in Taiwan. In cooperation with our partner office in Shanghai, we can also conduct large-scale studies with different quantitative methods in first-tier and second-tier cities across Mainland China.

Mindsights specializes in ad-hoc project design and analysis to better meet clients’ research needs. We always strive for the best to become clients’ long-term trusted market research partner to help them be more competitive for greater profits.