Market research is an industry that is with more challenges and requires more dedications. Mindsights believes that with the true beliefs of our corporate philosophy, we will be able to help clients better identify the challenges they are facing in the particularly competitive business environment, and assist them to develop the corresponding strategy for a more successful new chapter.


The consumer market is dynamic and challenging, and competitors also have various marketing tactics. Hence, the marketing challenges vary from time to time. We listen to clients to fully understand their underlying research needs. We truly believe that with our extensive experiences and expertise across different categories and project types, ad-hoc tailor-made design can better address clients’ research needs and deliver a more comprehensive solution.


The competence and diligence of the research team is the best measurement of a research firm. Mindsights’ senior research practitioners all have great passions and dedications for market research. When conducting every single important project, we always do our best and pursue perfection. Not only do we meet the clients’ expectations, we go beyond them! With great enthusiasm and passion, we keep going the extra mile and strive for the best.


Although market research has its own know-how, its executions don’t remain static all the time. The professionalism of a research team plays a critical role for project deliverables and its overall values. By means of our proven professionalism, we are able to provide valuable insights during different project stages for better assistance:

▲Insights into clients’ needs:
Identify the challenges clients are currently facing, the issues they need to clarify the market climate and how they would relate to the business decision-making to understand clients’ research needs from a more comprehensive perspective.
▲Insights at project design stage:
Compare the strengths and weaknesses of different project designs and research methods and recommend the best and most efficient one to address clients’ research issues along with meeting their timing and budget needs.
▲Insights in analysis:
Bring more insightful analysis when interpreting project findings on the strength of our solid experiences from various industries and project types, and deliver more practical recommendations to optimize the values of market research.

Mindsights delivers practical insights and recommendations and assist clients with the marketing strategy development with better returns of investments.